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Congratulations to our FIRST LEGO League teams

The FLL year 5 and 6 teams

Last Saturday, the Year 5 and 6 FIRST LEGO League (FLL) teams went to Macquarie University to compete in the 2022 FLL tournament. Teams aged from 9 - 16 years old competed in the missions of the robot game and presented innovative research projects on a solution to a renewable energy issue.

Our year 5 created a wave energy machine prototype to generate electricity when waves collide into breakwalls. Our year 6 team came up with a solution to issue of debris damaging turbines in hydropower plants by using centrifugal forces. We are so proud of both teams and are incredibly appreciative of Mrs Nicoll and Miss Mann (our STEM teachers) who have given up a tremendous amount of their personal time to support the teams. A special thank you also to Iain who has been a great mentor to both teams for the robot challenge.

Out of 34 teams, the Year 5 team finished 2nd place over all and the Year 6 team won the robot design trophy. What an incredible achievement!

The Year 5 team are now off to Nationals in December and, with the whole school behind them, we wish them all the best as they prepare and compete in Nationals.

A team member's report

As the exciting day passed like a gust of wind, our teams were pushed to the limit working harder than in any practice session before. In the Robot Game, we did extremely well coming in at 5th place for the Year 5 team and 6th place for the Year 6 team. The Year 5’s innovation speech was a smooth surfing safari as if they were gliding through the waves, with the judges shocked and having made their mouths drop straight to the floor we were congratulated immensely. Moving to the awards ceremony, we thought as one of the youngest teams in the competition that we wouldn’t likely get an award. Moving at a steady pace, the main judges gave out trophies left right and centre.  After the Year 6 team got an award, the Year 5’s were really disappointed as the judges got to the last two trophies. With a great build up, the judges announced that the Star Dragons (our Year 5 team) came second in the whole competition and we were invited to go to Nationals. All our coaches were in tears when we returned.

Written by Toby, a Year 5 team member.