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Student Injury Insurance Policy

Forestville Public School P&C Association has taken out Student Injury Insurance Policy for all of our students as the NSW Department of Education does not provide accident or medical insurance for students enrolled in government schools. The cost of this policy is covered by the P&C.

Under the policy, students are covered whilst they are at school and also when they are outside the school grounds on organised school excursions, sporting events etc. The policy covers a wide range of injuries and the permanent total loss of the use or functioning of certain body parts, as well as certain dental and non-Medicare medical expenses.  The Student Injury Insurance Product Disclosure Statement and insurance policy wording are included in the link below, outlining what is covered.

Whilst we hope that you never have to use this, accidents can happen, having this insurance may help to ease the unexpected financial burden from those extra medical expenses that may occur whilst your child is at school. Although the policy is taken out by the P&C, any claims under the policy are required to be made by the students’ parent or guardian directly with the insurer and the P&C is not responsible for the insurer's decisions on your claims. The P&C Association does not need to be notified in the event of an accident. Claim forms can be found below:

Claim form:

AHI Product Disclosure Statement and Policy Wording for the Federation of P & C Association of NSW

AHI Non-Medicare Medical Expenses: Notice to Claimants