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The Forestville Public School Band Program has developed over a number of years into a fun and exciting program designed to ensure children participating receive an enjoyable and rewarding musical experience.

Being part of a band can provide children with skills that will last a lifetime. In addition to the obvious musical benefits, children involved in playing an instrument in a band program benefit socially, physically and often academically. Children learn valuable team skills, and above all have fun!!

Children who are new to the school will be assessed as to which band is most suitable for them, and membership to the program is open to all children from Year 3 to Year 6.

Students are required to have a weekly private tutor session in addition to rehearsals.

Training Band

The Training Band is comprised of children who are new to their instruments. Children spend the first year in the Training Band learning important skills on their instruments and learning how to be part of a musical ensemble.

Intermediate Band

Children will move from Training Band to Intermediate Band after their first year of playing. In this band children will consolidate the ensemble and technical skills learned in Training Band, and move on to more challenging repertoire.

Concert Band

Concert Band is comprised of predominantly Year 5 & 6 children, who are in their third or fourth year of playing. Children in this band will be exposed to more challenging repertoire, and will perform regularly at school and community events.

Stage Band

Stage Band is an extension ensemble by invitation only. It gives concert band members a great opportunity to extend their music ability and also to play lots of different styled music including Jazz.

For more information about our Band Program, including instrument demonstrations and performance videos, please visit our website:

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