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Going green

Our school is very lucky to be in a location which has established trees, parks, waterways and bushland areas. We have strived, as a community, to enhance our school's role in maintaining this ecosystem by embarking on many environmental initiatives.

The school has been using solar power from installed rooftop panels for several years to help reduce our environmental footprint. Additional solar panels were installed on the roof of the new school hall in 2017. The students are continually being taught the importance of the ‘reduce, reuse and recycle' system and every classroom reuses and recycles their paper products which senior students collect from the rooms weekly.

Our grounds have been regenerated with native plants by the students and community members. Our annual tree planting day helps regenerate our extensive garden beds.

The school utilises one collection tank to harness rainwater in an effort to conserve water. The tank has been plumbed into the boys' toilet block allowing for the toilets and urinals to be flushed with rainwater. This will help take the pressure off the mains water system whilst reducing the school's water bill. Plans are underway to increase the water capture to use on garden areas and the school oval area.

Each year the children are involved in the Schools Clean up Australia Day. Piles of mulch were also spread over the garden beds and large sticks cleared from the playground. Working bees occur in collaboration with our P&C to ensure our grounds are well maintained.

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