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Screen time

Australian Department of Health recommendations

The Australian Department of Health recommends the following: Sedentary recreational screen time should be limited to 2 hours a day. These time limits do not include the screen time spent on educational activities. When using screen-based electronic media, positive social interactions and experiences are encouraged.

eSafety Commissioner

Recommendations for parents and carers:

There is no magic figure. The right amount of screen time can depend on a range of factors like your child’s age and maturity, the kind of content they are consuming, their learning needs and your family routine.

It can be easy to focus only on the clock, but the quality and nature of what they are doing online, and your involvement, are just as important.

Managing screen time

Set reasonable expectations for the amount of time your child or young person is spending in front of a screen, and for the type and quality of that screen time.

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