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NSW DoE Internet and School WiFi

Internet access

Internet access through the department’s Wi-Fi network is provided on departmental sites at no cost to students who are enrolled in NSW public schools. The Department manages Internet security and filtering for all public schools.

Students must not:

  • create, transmit, retransmit or participate in the circulation of content on their devices that attempts to undermine, hack or bypass any hardware and software security mechanisms that have been implemented by the department, its Information Technology Directorate or the school.
  • use the Department’s network services to seek out, access, store or send any material of an offensive, obscene, pornographic, threatening, abusive or defamatory nature is prohibited. Such use may result in disciplinary and/or legal action.

Student activity on the internet is recorded and these records may be used in investigations, court proceedings or for other legal reasons. 

The DoE new internet service - Secured Internet Edge

The Department is installing and commissioning a new internet service in our school later in Term 3, 2019. This new internet service will:

  • boost schools’ internet capacity and performance
  • better cater to NSW Department of Education schools’ constantly evolving IT-enabled learning initiatives
  • help protect schools from cyber threats.

Internet (web) filtering

Students can only access the internet at school by connecting their device to the Department's wi-fi which is heavily filtered. Web filtering is designed to provide a safe browsing environment for students and staff. Teachers and students have different filtering access according to year level, group and role.

The examples below are a small selection of a large number of categories that are blocked for all students:

  • all social networking
  • software downloads
  • adult/mature content
  • chat (IM/SMS)
  • pornography
  • gambling
  • hacking
  • intimate apparel
  • malicious sources
  • nudity

School Wireless Access Point (WAP) upgrade

It 2017, the school upgraded the wi-fi and replaced all access points with Aruba iAP315. These can cope with between 40 – 60 devices connected to 1 x AP. There is an access point in every classroom.