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I am concerned about screen time if my child brings a device to school.
Devices at school will be used for educational purposes only. The Australian Department of Health recommends that sedentary screen time should be limited to 2 hours a day. These limits do not include screen time spent on educational activities. Read more about screen time here.

What processes will be put in place to minimise damage or theft to my child's device?
If there is no teacher in the classrooms, rooms will be locked at recess and lunch. A container will be available in the morning for students to put their laptops in before putting their bags in the bag room or on hooks.

Parents are advised to purchase laptop insurance for their child's device covering accidental damage, theft or loss as the school cannot be held responsible for any damage to or theft of the device.

What are the responsibilities of students under a BYOD program?
Students are responsible for:

  • The care and maintenance of their devices including:
    • managing battery life and regular charging of their device.
    • labelling their device for identification purposes.
    • ensuring the device is safe and secure during travel to and from school and throughout the day.
    • maintaining up-to-date anti-virus software and operating system on their device.
    • protecting their device by use of a protective case and padded sleeve in a backpack.
  • Using the Department's Wi-Fi network solely for learning
  • Using their device during school activities at the direction of the teacher.
  • Not attaching any school-owned equipment to their mobile device.
  • Using their own portal/internet log-in details and not sharing them with others.
  • Staying safe by not giving personal information to strangers.
  • Not hacking or bypassing any hardware and software security implemented by the department or the school.
  • Not using their own device to knowingly search for, link to, access or send anything that is:
    • offensive
    • pornographic
    • threatening
    • abusive or
    • defamatory
    • considered to be bullying
  • Their device not being used at non-teaching times such as recess, lunch without the knowledge of the teacher.

How do we know which device to buy for our child?
The school will seek to engage a company who would provide a range of devices at Education specific prices that meet our school's minimum specifications and offer different price points. For example, a company such as JB HiFi Solutions for Education would set up a Forestville PS parent portal providing access to a wide range of Education specific laptops, accessories and insurance, as well as interest free payment options. Their Education specific devices are not available in retail stores.

The school will also explore if there are available options for parents to lease devices.

It will still have the choice to source their own device for their child to bring to school as long as it meets the minimum requirements.

What if we can't afford a device?
Students who are unable to afford a device will be able to borrow a laptop during school hours from a small pool provided by the school. These laptops must remain at school.

What happens if my child's device is lost or stolen?
Any damage or loss to a device that a student brings to school will be the student’s responsibility. The school will not accept responsibility for any loss or damage. Families may choose to consider purchasing insurance and/or extended warranty for the device.

Can the device be charged at school?
Most learning spaces have very limited capacity to charge devices. Students should make sure their devices are fully charged every day. It is recommended that devices should last 5-6 hours without being charged.

Will there be an internet filter applied when the device is used at school?
While at school, students will be restricted by the Department's filtered internet service. All social media sites and inappropriate sites are blocked while students are at school.

Will I be able to put on my own apps or programs onto my device, other than the ones the school has asked for?
Yes. Parents and students are allowed to install their own apps and programs on their devices. These are at the discretion of parents and students.

Will students still write at school?
Yes. A device is another tool for learning just like all other equipment. Students will still be required to write in exercise books and use writing materials in addition to their device. 

Do students have to bring their devices every day to school?
Students would be required to bring their device fully charged every day except Friday. The device is part of a student’s equipment set for learning.

Will the students use their devices during recess and lunch?
Students will not be allowed to take their devices into the playground during recess and lunch breaks. The devices will be left in the classrooms and the doors will be locked.

Will the students be on their devices all day?
No. Students will be involved in a range of learning that will involve both on computer and off computer activities. This will also include 150 minutes of planned physical activity a week as outlined in the PDHPE syllabus.