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The Forestville Public School Strings Program has been developed to provide students with the opportunity to learn and play in a Strings Ensemble. Being part of a musical ensemble can provide children with skills that will last a lifetime. In addition to the obvious musical benefits, children involved in playing an instrument in such programs benefit socially, physically and often academically. Children learn valuable team skills, and above all have fun!

Students are required to have a weekly private tutor session in addition to rehearsals.

The Strings Program comprises of 5 ensembles, conducted by professional Conductors.

Beginner Strings

This group is made up of students who are completely new to playing their musical instrument (violin, viola, cello or double bass). Students spend one year in this group learning how to be part of a musical ensemble. The minimum age for Beginner strings is Year 1. Students are required to have a private tutor in addition to the weekly string’s rehearsal. Their tutor will be able to help them learn the music and skills required which will then be put together when they rehearse as a group.

Junior Strings

Children will move from Beginner Strings to Junior Strings after their first year of playing. In this ensemble, students will consolidate the ensemble and technical skills learned in Beginner Strings, and move on to more challenging repertoire. These sessions are rehearsals; all students need to be having regular lessons with their tutors.

Senior Strings

This group consists of eligible existing Junior String students who would like to progress on to Senior Strings. Students in this group will be exposed to a more challenging repertoire.

Chamber Strings

A small string group made up of students from the Senior Strings who are wanting to develop their chamber ensemble playing skills.

Guitar Group

Eligible for Year 4-5-6 students. Students who have been learning guitar for at least one term and understand the fundamentals can apply.  Students are required to have a tutor.

For more information about our Strings Program, including instrument demonstrations and performance videos, please visit our website:

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